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Starter Guide - Danny

Post by Admin Alex on Sun Apr 26, 2015 12:40 pm

Hey guys Danny here today im showing you a easy way how to start and make money.

1: First thing you gotta do is to get 99 thieving you will do this at home you can find the stalls next to the rocks for minning.

2: When u finished to get ur thieving level up high enough sell all the loot. You can sell this at ::pengs, Trade to the guy who is in front of the chest.

3: When u sold all your stuff u get tokkul (tokkul is Gp in this server) u go to the ::shops and buy some dragon bones, You use these dragon bones on the altar.

4: When that is done and you get like 95 prayer or higher you now go buy some prayer pots or super restores at ::shops.

5: The next thing you gonna do is to buy some armour and weapons it depends on the amount of how much tokkul you thieved.
I suggest to buy some barrows to start with it, its very cheap and very useful
Also a whip is a good weapon to start with they only 9-11m ea.

6: Once you buyed your armour and weaponsyou go to::train and train your stats up, i suggest most of the stats 90+.

7: When ur stats are 90+ strength,Defence,Attack you go to ::pengs and kill those for crystal keys, Dragon claws, Armadyl godswords,Korasi swords you sell those at the shopkeeper at ::pengs or keep them as a weapon.

8: When you made enough money i suggest to buy some vesta armour and to kill some bosses, im going to nex very often and get some great loots.

I hope this was very useful for new players to join in.

Admin Alex
Admin Alex

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