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Server Rules

Post by Admin Alex on Wed Apr 22, 2015 12:39 am

Rule 1 - Offensive Language Towards a player
Offensive language towards other players is against the rules, it's allowed to use offensive words in general talking but not towards player.

1. Jail few hours
2. Temporal mute ( 1-5 hours )
3. Permanent mute

Rule 2 - Item Scamming
Item scamming in any way is against the rules, even an attempt matters!

2.Temporal ban ( 1-5 hours )
3.Permanent ban

Rule 3 - Bug Abuse
Gaining benefit of any bug, or using for own good is against the rules!
You should report a bug to staff team as soon as possible if u find one.

1.Warning/jail ( depends on bug )

Rule 4 - Using Third Party Software
Using Third party software is against the rules! -- Macros, bots, autoclickers, mouse recorders

1. Warning/skill reset
2. Permanent ban

Rule 5 - Multilogging
Multilogging is agains the rules, you can play only on one client at the time.

2.Temporal ban
3. Permanent ban

Rule 6 - Luring
Luring is strongly against the rules in CannabisScape!

1. Ban
2. IpBan

Items wont be refunded if lost to Scam/lure

Rule 7 - Advertising/Website
Advertising any website/Runescape private server is agains the rules!
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